I didn’t know this was going to happen, but since my last post about the Firefox OS, ZTE and Telefónica España have released the ZTE Open cell phone in Spain, running Firefox OS.

ZTE Open home screen

The ZTE Open

The press release is here, and the phone specifications are here.

I submitted my first Firefox OS app on Saturday, June 22 (reminder, this is a personal effort, not necessarily representative of Visual Construction). Earlier today, July 3, I heard back. They caught one problem and made one suggestion.

Firefox app submission page

So the turnaround time has been about a week and a half so far, or 10 business days. This is comparable to many other app stores, worse than some, and better than a few.

I’ll make the changes in the next couple of days and resubmit the app. I’ll plan to post here again on the app’s progress.

Side note- I want to wish freedom lovers everywhere a happy Independence Day.

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