The Mozilla organization has a vision of Firefox running everywhere, with HTML/JavaScript/CSS apps running on top of that.

I am always interested in new ideas. I thought I’d try writing and submitting a simple app for the Firefox Marketplace. This blog post describes that exercise for anyone else who might be curious but not curious enough to actually go through the entire process.

Writing the app was straightforward. Mozilla has excellent documentation. For example, see Firefox OS and Firefox Marketplace. The app is a standard HTML/JavaScript/CSS app with a Mozilla-specific manifest.

Mozilla supports two kinds of apps, hosted and packaged. A hosted app is pulled in from a URL. A packaged app resides on the device as a zip file.

To start, I went to and created a login. I used those credentials to log in to the Firefox Marketplace.

Firefox app submission page

I made a small packaged app and filled out the page shown above. A packaged app can only be submitted in the categories Firefox OS and Firefox Mobile.

One thing that was new to me was the idea of a Content Security Policy. In fact, if I read the feedback correctly, it appears that jQuery 2.0.2 might contain some code that violates some of the CSP rules for the Firefox Marketplace. The verification page states that CSP violations do not matter if the app manifest does not request any permissions. My manifest did not request any permissions so I did not investigate further. Perhaps at a later date I’ll dig into this more and report back.

The marketplace does not appear to support paid apps at this time. I wanted to distribute my app free, so again I did not dig into this too deeply.

The marketplace policy is to review all submissions prior to making them public in the marketplace. I submitted mine Sunday, June 23. As of Wednesday, June 26, I have not gotten any feedback. I would say this amount of time is not unusual for the app stores with which I’ve dealt in the past. If and when I do hear back I’ll do another blog post.

So, for anyone who might be curious, that’s one person’s experience to date with the Firefox Marketplace.

And just to be clear, this is just me fooling around privately on my own time. Visual Construction Media doesn’t have an official policy on the Firefox Marketplace (nor does it need one at this point).

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