The Area: Emerging Technology

We hire people with a broad set of technical skills who are ready to tackle some of technology’s greatest challenges and make an impact on both internal (100+) and external customers (10,000+). Emerging Technology is a combination of web and native applications, data and data visualisation, mobile applications, social networking, and a constant evolution of best practices on how to combine these things into hardware and software for every part of our company and it’s customers. We build our own software for manufacturing and distribution of our products, have our own media team, and are constantly leveraging new technology to better our business. We get to ask interesting questions and come up with the answers. We get to lead with data and a great idea and you would get to be in the heart of it.

The Role: Emerging Technology Intern, Spring 2013

Our group has a motto. May the best data driven logically sound ideas win. It doesn’t matter to us who comes up with it. That being said our group lives off of collaboration. To be successful with us you must be ready to switch gears and brainstorm, you must be ready to zone into a single task and hammer it out, and you must be willing to work with the team, give ideas, and take criticism and do something productive with it. We want intelligent people with a great drive and a hunger for knowledge that want to show what they can do with it.

What will you do? Lots. We are an intelligent, hardworking, small group with big goals and you will quickly become a key member while you’re here. We need you to be thirsty to learn and to do it fast, the more you useful you become to us the more we will use you. We wear a lot of hats and are always juggling several projects of everything from building the next web-based tool to help the company save money, working directly with end users in anywhere from a sales function to a production employee in manufacturing, to interacting directly with the ownership and brainstorming bits and pieces of our future. Here are some key areas you can expect to be involved in and learn from one way or another:

Support Our Team – We need help and you’re our support. Whether it’s busting out helpdesk requests (everything from, “my computer won’t start” to “for some reason these two softwares aren’t integrating anymore”), setting up hardware, training co-workers, or giving new features to the software in our organization that will help them do their job better, we will rely on you.

Work On Projects  – We constantly are doing projects at SSC. Anything from a new website, a new software, or a new/better process we constantly have several projects on our plate at any given moment. Depending on your ability and desire, you may be a key part in making some of our projects successful.

Bring New Ideas – We don’t just want a code monkey, we want your brains too. We have a saying, there is always a better way to do something, we just haven’t found it yet. If you do, please tell us! We are always looking to improve and we want people who feel the same way. Who knows, you may even help us come up with the next million dollar idea for our company and wouldn’t that look cool on a resume? If you bring the data and the logic, we may just use it.


+ Support various projects as required.
+ Help improve our internal systems.
+ Complete new feature requests on various software.
+ Complete helpdesk requests from various departments.
+ Some responsibilities will evolve depending on workload and time frames on various projects and objectives.

Minimum Qualifications: 

+ High school degree or equivalent.
+ Solid analytical thinker with excellent communication skills.
+ Experience in three of the following: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Java, PHP, ASP, C++, SQL, MySQL
+ Work in team settings in a fast paced environment.
+ Strong desire to learn and apply knowledge.

Preferred Qualifications:

+ Currently enrolled in a full-time degree program and returning to the program after the completion of the internship.
+ Experience in systems software or algorithms.
+ Familiarity with TCP / IP and network programming.
+ Knowledge of UNIX/Linux or Windows environments and APIs.
+ Ability to problem-solve, troubleshoot, and teach.
+ Currently pursuing an education in Computer Science or related technical discipline.
+ Familiar with Internal & External Social Media (Socialcast, Yammer, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).
+ Strong, clean visual design sense.
+ Ability to multi-task, detail-oriented, & well organized.
+ Familiarity with CMS (WordPress, Sharepoint).
+ Ability to communicate effectively with senior management, outside vendors, and inter-department personnel.

The Hours: Full Time

We need someone who is committed to a 40 hour position.

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