When we take a physical inventory, we use a third party add-on to Microsoft Dynamics GP called Willoware Complete Count.


We’ve been very satisfied with the product. Among other advantages it allows multiple people to enter stock count quantities simultaneously, and allows multiple entries for each item number.

Dynamics GP logo

We have a database of item locations and pictures that we maintain outside of GP. We wanted to print those locations and pictures on the Complete Count stock count tags.

In brief, to accomplish this we developed some web pages that allow us to select a stock count from Willoware, and combines information from GP and our outside databases. We subsequently decided not to include product pictures, because we wanted the people who take the inventory to look at the item numbers rather than looking at the pictures. The resulting tag looks like this.

Sample inventory tag

This solution allowed us to keep all the goodness of Complete Count, and add our own custom information to the tag. As noted above, we had product pictures on the tag at one time. We’ve also discussed having bar codes on the tag to assist with data entry.

I plan to dive into technical details in a subsequent post. Meanwhile, maybe this has given someone some ideas that they can run with.

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