This might be useful to someone else. Here’s a stored procedure to search all columns of all tables in the current database for a string.

Find that string, Watson!

Find that string, Watson!

CREATE procedure [dbo].[SSC_FindExactStringInDatabase]
@target varchar(128), -- string to find
@schema varchar(128) = '%', -- percent for all schemas
@table varchar(128) = '%', -- percent for all tables
@column varchar(128) = '%', -- percent for all columns
@timelimitseconds bigint = 43200 -- the procedure should stop after this many seconds have elapsed. 43200 seconds is 12 hours.



-- Database name
declare @dbname varchar(128);
-- Schema name
declare @schemaname varchar(128);
-- Table name
declare @tablename varchar(128);
-- Column name
declare @columnname varchar(128);
-- SQL statement to be executed
declare @stmt nvarchar(1024);
-- Count of hits
declare @kount bigint;
-- Loop counter, char(@loopcount) is the particular unprintable character being checked/fixed
declare @loopcount integer;
-- Table for the hits
declare @Hits table (dbname varchar(128), schemaname varchar(128), 
  tablename varchar(128), columnname varchar(128), kount bigint);
-- Timer
declare @starttime datetime;
set @starttime = current_timestamp;

-- Loop through all columns in all tables in all schemas in the specified database
declare colcurs cursor for
db_name() as dbname, as schemaname, as tablename, as columnname

from sys.tables t join sys.columns c on t.object_id=c.object_id
join sys.types y on c.system_type_id=y.system_type_id
join sys.schemas h on t.schema_id=h.schema_id
where t.type='U'
and like @schema
and like @table
and like @column
and in ('char','varchar')
order by dbname, schemaname, tablename, columnname;

open colcurs;

fetch next from colcurs into @dbname, @schemaname, @tablename, @columnname;

while (@@fetch_status = 0) 
  and (datediff(second, @starttime, current_timestamp) < @timelimitseconds)

set @stmt =
'select @kountOut=count(*) from [' +
rtrim(@dbname) + '].[' + rtrim(@schemaname) + '].[' + rtrim(@tablename) +
'] where [' + rtrim(@columnname) +'] = ''' + @target + ''';';

execute sp_executesql @stmt, N'@kountOut bigint output', @kountOut=@kount output;

-- Remember the non-zero counts
insert into @Hits
select @dbname, @schemaname, @tablename, @columnname, @kount
where @kount>0;

-- end of loop through columns
fetch next from colcurs into @dbname, @schemaname, @tablename, @columnname;

close colcurs;
deallocate colcurs;

-- Finish by returning the counts in the result set
select * from @Hits;


The stored procedure as defined above limits the target string to ANSI characters of length 128 or shorter, but you can adapt it as necessary. It also does not search TEXT columns, just CHAR and VARCHAR.

You’d invoke the stored procedure like this:

execute SSC_FindExactStringInDatabase 'XYZ132';

The result will look something like this:

Sample output from executing the stored procedure in SSMS, showing 5 columns

You can find a copy of this stored procedure in GitHub at

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