My colleagues and I share this blog. The following only applies to me.

Up until now, for most of my own blog postings, I have imagined someone faced with the same problem I’ve just had, and tried to post something that could be searched for that might be helpful in such a situation.

According to my reading, blogs are more popular if the author shows his or her personality, or more likely in my case, fakes having a personality.

Image: © Nevit Dilmen found at Wikimedia commons

Image: © Nevit Dilmen found at Wikimedia commons

So while I’ll try to continue posting problem solutions that I think might be useful to others, I’ll also try to include things I’ve explored and found either interesting or overly hyped.

For example, over the weekend I submitted a simple app to the Firefox OS app store. Perhaps in a future post I’ll discuss how that went.

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