SysAid comes with a lot of good canned reports. But sometimes it is nice to be able to do a custom report onthe underlying SQL Server database.

Here’s a query that reports on the most urgent SysAid service requests that haven’t been closed or deleted. Within each urgency section it shows the oldest issues first.

case urgency
when 1 then ‘urgent’
when 2 then ‘very high’
when 3 then ‘high’
when 4 then ‘normal’
when 5 then ‘low’
else ‘?’
end as Urgency,
datediff(day, insert_time, current_timestamp) as DaysOld
from service_req req
where status in (1,2,5,6)
order by
DaysOld desc

Here’s some sample output from this query:

Sample Output

Sample Output

You can build on this for your own customized reports. For example, we’ve added each user’s department, and joined the sysaid_user and cust_values tables to the above query, to show SysAid requests by department.

Hope this is helpful.

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