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  • Ball Of Emotions
  • Work Vs. Home
  • Over A Day
What My Emotions Look Like

Ever wonder what the collective of your emotions look like over the course of a day? Well, take a look...

Want To Punch Someone
Want To Cry

Circles are sized according to a feeling's strength.

Soul Felt
Getting Stronger

Color shows the type of emotion.

  • Sad
  • Happy
  • Blah
  • Crazy
  • Mad
At Work

Where you do the business.

Sometimes people get emotional at work. We try not to let it happen but people put a lot of who they are into what they do.

At Home

Where you deal with the family.

Whether it's between chores, screaming kids, and nosey neighbors or a loving wife, back yard barbecues, and video games your life if filled with emotions.

Your Emotions During The Week

People change their emotional state constantly, look at the collective feelings over time.

Empty circles show income.

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