Do you need a logo? A sharp, memorable, easy to recognize logo? You betcha!

A logo is a combination of words and visual icons that gives your business an identity. It tells potential customers the name of your company (and if designed effectively, a little about your company). The ultimate goal of any logo is to provide a symbolic connection to your business. For example, if you saw ‘the swoosh’ you’d think Nike — now that’s iconic symbolism.

What make a good logo?

Your logo should be super clean and readable. Potential customers won’t associate your business without being able to read the name at a distance. Imagine your logo on the side of your vehicle, passing cars on the interstate at 70 mph – the logo needs to be easy to read. You can also plan color association to evoke even more emotion from potential customers. (See Color Psychology Here)

You should use the logo consistently, and have standards of how the logo is used. This one piece of business information will be used on everything. (And we’re not exaggerating…everything) From business cards to building signage, t-shirts, vehicle wraps, websites, and more, your logo has to look good in a variety of different scenarios. If you want a few different versions of your logo, say vertical and horizontal, with text and just the icon, make sure to identify the correct usages for the logos so that they are used consistently.

So we’ve convinced you, you need an (updated) logo, but where do you start. We’d recommend having your logo professional designed. And although there are some very cheap solutions out there, trusting in a professional to help create your symbolism is important. You wouldn’t trust your dentist to switch out your brakes or your plumber to draw your blood, design is kinda the same thing.

Most of the time, small design firms or print houses will spend time getting to know you, the brand, and your expectations as well as give you several options and rounds of revisions to find the best fit for you at a lower cost that large ad agencies. Also, prior to hiring the firm to design your logo, take a look at their portfolio, see if you like their style and if it would be a good fit for you. You can also always bring some samples of what you like and what you don’t like, it gives even the most visual designers a visual place to start!

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