In previous posts we’ve seen how to set up extra tables and triggers to track changes to certain pieces of information in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

They've left a trail, Watson!

They’ve left a trail, Watson!

I mentioned that I’d like to discuss which pieces of information we’re tracking.

We have a liberal policy toward changes. Basically anyone who sees a problem should be able to fix it. So we log changes to the inventory master, IV00101, because item descriptions are vulnerable to occasional tug-of-wars when two people can’t agree and both believe they’re in the right.

We also log changes to the vendor master, PM00200, on general principles to discourage fraud.

We log changes to the receivables master, RM00100, and and the customer address master, RM00102, for the same reason. They include customer terms, customer addresses, etc.

That’s all! Hope this has been helpful.

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