Have you ever tried to pass a sales document through Integration Manager into Microsoft Dynamics GP, only to be met with failure and an unhelpful, non-specific error message?

Me too.

We integrate many sales invoices into Dynamics GP every day. We’ve had them fail due to lack of available customer credit, because items were not defined, because account numbers were missing, because default pricing was missing, because there was no location assigned to an item, etc., etc.

Here’s a way to troubleshoot this situation that has yet to let me down (knock on wood).

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If all else fails, enter the sales document by hand.

You should get an error message when you hit on the problem line item. And the error message that GP gives you is virtually certain to be more informative than the error message Integration Manager gives you. A better error message makes it that much easier to find and fix the problem.

Hope this tip helps!

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