In my endless quest for free stuff, I’ve noticed that Microsoft and Nokia have some incentive programs running at the moment. Maybe they’re of interest to you also.

App Builder rewards

Microsoft App Builder Rewards lets you earn and spend reward points.

DVLUP logo

The Nokia DVLUP Program is very similar. You earn points by developing applications, and spend points on reward items ranging from clothing to computer equipment.

Marmalade logo

The Marmalade Windows Phone Incentive could get you a 3-month Marmalade license, a year in the Windows App Store, and a Windows Phone 8 device.

Unity logo

The Unity 3D Game Engine is now free for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and XBox One developers. The free edition now allows you to publish for those three platforms.


These are just a few more indications of what an exciting time it is to be a developer right now. Hope this compilation helps!

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